The Next Step in Dating Apps

Like tacosaurus? Wear knitting kittens around town? That says something about you and who you'll enjoy as a partner.

Here at Sock It to Me, we've gotten pretty good at matching up people with their perfect pair of socks or undies. For our next adventure, we're using that know-how for something a little more passionate: dating.

We're taking everything we've learned over the last 12 years about people and their unique desires and putting it to work in finding your next, and last, love affair. Our algorithms are based on our extensive knowledge of design preference, so let us help get your foot in the door of romance.

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Want to find a partner based on more than looks and “likes”?

Browse thousands of Sock fans just like you, taking their unique sock selections and preferences into account. Discover new friends, new socks, and maybe even romance along the way!

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Finally have a real conversation with real sock lovers like you.

Always putting your foot in your mouth? Flirty feet? Chat away with confidence knowing that the sock fan you've been matched with is compatible with your sock lifestyle.

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Collect your matches much like you do your socks.

Whether our sophisticated sock-love-matching algorithm suggests a match, or you discover one through search or browsing, Perfect Pair lets you save and message all your matches from one place.

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